MedRev professionals are dedicated to helping physicians and their staff effectively and efficiently operate their laboratories. We believe that the laboratory owner involvement in daily operations is vital to the success of the laboratory; however, we also understand that busy schedules can often prevent desired involvement. This is where MedRev can help. MedRev is committed to helping lab user maintain compliance with laboratory regulations. Our members are physicians, lab technician, scientist with extensive experience in laboratories of different sizes and complexities.


    Here are some of the services that MedRev offers:

  • Laboratory Development and Planning
  • Management of the laboratory
  • Development/Review of the Test Menu
  • Cost Analysis and Cost Reduction
  • Equipment Selection and Price Negotiation
  • Test Validation and Verification
  • Procedure Manual Preparation
  • Quality Assurance Program Development
  • Technical Consulting Services
  • Personnel Training and Education

Scale/Measure - Our Total Lab Solution ensures that your laboratory provides maximum impact with a minimal environmental footprint.

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