Hospital Business Strategy Consulting

  • Organizational Strategy
  • Facility & Capital Asset Planning
  • Service Line Strategy
  • Physician Strategy & Alignment
  • Organizational Design & Development

Organizational Strategy

Organizational strategy must balance long-term direction with the ability to adapt to near-term opportunities and market changes. Whether it’s strategically aligning, or creating a plan focused on helping a freestanding hospital stay independent, we prepare strategic plans to serve as road maps for transformation.
We walk with our clients to implement strategies and cause results, not just share ideas. The value of having experts at the table to examine the most pressing challenges organization has ever faced and achieve consensus on a path forward, is our guiding philosophy.

Helping providers design strategies that drive alignment and unity across the enterprise, while being sustainable, scalable, and adaptable, is what we do every day. High-quality, cost-effective care only occurs when all stakeholders of a healthcare enterprise are pulling in the same direction under a common set of goals and objectives.

Facility & Capital Asset Planning

Facility and capital asset planning experts translate an organization’s strategic and operational goals into implementable,viable, and flexible solutions.
With deep expertise and experience in strategy, facility planning, operations, and technology, we plan facilities that are immediatelyusable and continuously adaptable. We bring field-tested insights and proven tools developed through our work.

At the space programming stage, our experts will help your organization articulate an operational vision and accompanying guidelines based on desiredfuture practices, increased use of technology, and the ideal work environment for physicians, staff, patients, and visitors.
While other firms can help with strategy and facility sizing, they lack expertise in facility development, which can result in solutions that are difficultto implement and lack flexibility to adapt to future demands.

Organizational Design & Development

Healthcare organizational structures that have remained largely unchanged are quickly becoming irrelevant. Financial pressures, intense market consolidation, reform initiatives, and other demands have stressed organizational capacity to adapt and change while still managing to provide outstanding patient care.

In short, your organization must be able to adapt without breaking down. We have helped the full range of health systems design effective and responsive structures around organizational goals and market conditions. We can help you define the optimal structure to meet your strategic, operational, financial, and technology goals. We are adept at identifying underlying issues and determining what will help you thrive in the near and long-term. While we brings objective perspectives to discussions and decision-making processes, we are always mindful of the economic realities and cultural and political sensitivities inherent in these types of discussions.

Physician Strategy & Alignment

The success of all care delivery depends on the engagement and performance of physicians.
An integrated system of care is comprised of many moving parts across outpatient, inpatient, and post-acute settings. Physicians are the ties that bind each of these care settings and thus represent the key building block of a value-based enterprise.

As healthcare organizations in the changed scenario, more integrated and accountable relationships are required between physicians and hospitals. This is where MedRev comes in. We focus on strengthening relationships between physicians and hospitals.
Our experience with the full range of healthcare providers, uniquely positions us to understand the increasingly interdependent and interconnected role that physicians play in transforming care delivery. Our strategic insights, consensus-building skills, and technical expertise are simply to make sure quality care with compassion.

Service Line Strategy

The transition to value calls for health systems to rethink and redesign care delivery across services lines.
Service line excellence and growth don’t occur organically. They are the result of purposeful planning, and these plans must be alligned with the vision, strategic direction, and strengths of the hospital or system.

MedRev provide a full range of support for all major clinical programs – from developing data-driven strategic and business plans to care and payment model transformation. We’ve also directed service line performance improvement initiatives, including workflow redesign, revenue cycle management, and IT system optimization.
Once the planning is complete and execution begins, we are able to apply the full weight of strategy, operations, finance, and technology expertise to successfully address any challenges that may surface.

    Our service line planning engagements often include:
  • Overall vision and strategic direction
  • Competitive positioning and new service offerings
  • Center of excellence feasibility and development
  • Quality, service, and cost improvements
  • Payment models
  • Governance, organizational, and management structures
  • Physician workforce, leadership, and alignment
  • Operational and infrastructure needs
  • Performance Dynamics
  • Financial projections

Evolving strategies to grow and compete is an essential component of The Care Equation.