Blood testing is the single most important preventive tool you can use to help head off health problems. MedRev pathology service makes MedRev Laboratories are equipped to perform a wide range of pathology tests, headed by over our Specialist Pathologists channel partner with a broad range of expertise, which are equipped with world class laboratory equipment we work towards accreditation by a number of accreditation authorities.


    Following service we provide:

  • Blood Collection Service &digital report
  • Hematology which studies the cell lines in blood, eg red and white cells, and blood clotting
  • Microbiology looks for causes of infection
  • Histopathology looks at the structure of the tissues to find abnormalities such as skin cancer
  • Cytology looks at individual cells in from tissues to find abnormalities e.g. PAP smears
  • Immunology studies the body’s immune system eg. Allergy testing
  • Toxicology performing drug screening and testing
  • Genetics (Cytogenetic and Molecular genetics) for genetic abnormalities

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