How is pharmaceutical costs affecting your system? How much is your pharmacy contributing to your hospital’s bottom line? How much is it costing? How safe is your medication delivery?

Every healthcare executive should ask themselves these burning platform questions. Due to rising pharmaceutical costs, quality and safety imperatives, regulatory scrutiny on medication management.

MedRev Healthcare helps members achieve impressive cost efficiencies, performance gains, and clinical improvements in their pharmacy operations. Help your pharmacy provide a greater impact across the organization — from staffing and workflow to supply chain management.


Service Offerings

  1. Pharmacy Efficiency - Ensure an efficient, cost-effective corporate pharmacy by improving processes and renewing your commitment to quality
  2. Medication Quality And Safety - Ensure your medication delivery practices comply with the most recent regulations and deliver the highest quality of patient care.
  3. Client Benefits - MedRev pharmacy consulting solutions enable clients to reduce the cost of care while simultaneously improving the quality and efficiency.Increasing financial pressure requires providers to scrutinize every aspect of care. Using evidence-based pharmaceutical use guidelines, we improve contract and pricing, pharmaceutical charge capture, pricing, charge master and denials. With MedRev Pharmacy consulting services, healthcare executives and corporate pharmacy directors are able to ensure the efficiency, quality and profitability of this critical component of fiscal health.
    Leverage our expertise :

  • Strengthen your supply chain - Improve inventory accuracy and timing, and the quality of wholesaler agreements.
  • Take control of procurement - Optimize contract terms, streamline purchasing, and get substantially discounted drug pricing.
  • Drive financial performance - Introduce standardization, benchmarking, better cash flow and cost savings.
  • Improve patient satisfaction - Deliver more positive interactions and improved clinical outcomes.
  • Align with organizational goals - Strengthen drug use policies, safety protocols and compliance efforts

Evolving strategies to grow and compete is an essential component of The Care Equation.