True end-to-end supply chain strategies accounts for customer demand, fulfilment, sourcing, and a MedRev Supply Chain Strategy Consulting & distribution operations. Strategic changes often happen slowly but the consultants at Operation Consulting Group have developed problem solving methods to quicken the process by framing your businesses around facts. MedRev Retail supply chain consultants are especially good at managing your inventory. Supply chain consultants will use analytics to develop advanced forecasting models and inventory strategies to give you the confidence to make the correct business decisions.


  • Value Chain Strategy Matrix-The value chain strategy mix is one framework we use to should the relationship between manufacturing costs and fulfilment costs. The 4 sections is a guideline on how your supply chain should be engineered for maximum profitability
  • Pipeline Strategy-Pipeline Strategies, has the familiar 2 sections but shows the relationship between latency and predictability of demand. We evaluate demand for products and determine which supply chain strategy is most beneficial.

Evolving strategies to grow and compete is an essential component of The Care Equation.