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Hospital Pharmacy Management

Current management system not operating efficiently? Looking for a better process? MedRev Hospital Pharmacy Services will assist you in achieving these desired results by leveraging our experts and resources and ensuring we deliver the excellence you deserve.

Making use of a hospital pharmacy’s assets in a cost-effective and strategic way is what MedRev Hospital Pharmacy service does best. Outsourcing and managing pharmacies is a key component in the MedRev Pharmacy Services solution. Our team focuses on evaluating the current standing of a hospital pharmacy and finding ways of improving upon the structure and productivity.

Outsourcing a pharmacy requires a team knowledgeable in not only the industry but has the capability to adhere to the ever-changing standards. We take our work seriously and aim to go above and beyond when it comes to outsourcing and managing a pharmacy. From operations to pharmaceutical purchasing, to clinical programs, MedRev Pharmacy Services is fully equipped to find solutions that work.

Full-Service Management Solutions:

We Understand Your Management Challenges:
  • Rising pharmacy cost, Cost Overrun, Profitability Ratio, Financial Managements & Operational Challenges
  • Poor Workflow & shortage of qualified pharmacists
  • Physician Preferences

We Offer Full Service, Custom Management Solutions:

  • Access to group purchasing discounts due to economies of scales
  • Cost guarantees and risk sharing
  • Inventory management
  • Industry experienced professionals
  • Ongoing pharmacy and management support
  • Manage and train pharmacy staff and/or management staff
  • Pharmacy continuing education
  • Clinical pharmacy services
  • Assured profit growth rate
  • Formulary development and management
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Automation feasibility


  • Improved operations- efficiency and effectiveness
  • Improved outcomes- operational and financial
  • Predictable and guaranteed pharmacy costs
  • Lower overall cost
  • Better formulary and inventory management
  • Improved patient safety and outcomes

We recognize pharmacy operations vary depending on the type of healthcare provider, patient mix and acuity. MedRev Pharmacy Services can provide incredible contract flexibility which will help us develop the business model to meet your facility’s needs – Operationally and Financially.

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